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Swiss Gotthard Tunnel Traffic Updates

Gotthard tunnel Switzerland traffic updates for key northern and southern Alpine transit routes through Switzerland.


The driving distance from Basel to Lugano, via Luzern/Stans and then onwards through the Gotthard tunnel, is ≈ 270 km.

Como-San Bernardino-Chur-Zurich

Travelling north from Italy/Como/Gotthard Tunnel/Zurich is ≈ 239km. Going via the San Bernardino Tunnel/Chur/Zurich is ≈ 293km.

Gotthard tunnel traffic – planned maintenance closures 2023– source:

Regular Gotthard tunnel maintenance is scheduled again for 2023. Alternative routes north and south are the Gotthard pass (if open) and the San Bernardino tunnel.

  • June 19-23rd, 4 nights, between 20 PM  – 5 AM
  • June 26-30th, 4 nights, between 20 PM – 5 AM
  • Sep. 11-15th, 4 nights, between 20 PM – 5 AM
  • Sep. 18-22nd, 4 nights between 20 PM – 5AM
  • Sep 25-29th, 4 nights, between 20 PM – 5 AM
  • Oct 2-4th, 2 nights, between 20 PM- 5 AM

The San Bernardino Tunnel Alternative

The San Bernardino tunnel route is an alternative, for both northern or southern travel, if there is heavy traffic build-up at the Gotthard Tunnel. This route is very scenic and follows an eastern track along Zurich, towards Chur, and finally Belinzona.  Map source:

Gotthard Tunnel planned maintenace closures 2023.

100% EV Powered?

and counting...

“Switzerland has also seen a rise in EV sales over the years and has, in parallel, rolled out an impressive EV charging grid which spans most major road connections, providing charging capacity along key transit routes.”

Gotthard Tunnel Traffic Jams expected South / North due to high holiday travel.
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