6. Alternative Route: Gotthard Pass or San Bernardino A13

Other alternatives:

Comparison between Gotthardtunnel and San Bernardino Pass. If you drive via Basel and you have to decide to go via Luzern / Gotthard or via Zürich and San Bernardino the differences are as follows: (Remark: Both routes will join in Bellinzona.)

Via Gotthardtunnel: 285 km to Chiasso the border town to Italy. Driving time when no traffic: 2h 55 Minutes

Via San Bernardino Pass: 368 km and driving time when no traffic 3h 52 Minutes

On a good day you can save 57 Minutes and 83 km if you go via the St. .

If there is a traffic jam before the Gotthard Road tunnel the average waiting time is 10 minutes per kilometer.

Compare the situation with Live TomTom:

Pratteln to Bellinzona through the Gotthard Tunnel (228 km)

Pratteln to Splügen and Splügen to Bellinzona via A13 San Bernardino (311km)

Gotthard Pass is open since May 21.