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Switzerland borders on Germany, France, Austria, Lichtenstein, and Italy. Ensure you have valied identification papers for border controls, as Switzerland does not have open borders as within the EU countries.

Gotthard Traffic South KM

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Best to inform yourself of the Gotthard Tunnel traffic situation and road conditions. Expect peak travel traffic throughout the summer months, as well as, the long weekend holidays.

Gotthard Tunnel Delays Min.

Updated Gotthard Tunnel Traffic Information

Gotthard Tunnel Updates

Latest  traffic updates via Twitter, Live TomTom, Live Webcams, Google Maps, Waze

2019 - Southbound Longest Gotthard Tunnel Traffic Jam KM

2019 - Northbound Longest Gotthard Tunnel Traffic Jam KM

There are a number of ways to monitor the live traffic situation.
Please find a list below.

1. Live Traffic Webcams

You have 16 Webcams along the Gotthard Road Tunnel. Most of them are on the south side of the Tunnel.

Below are the two webcams just in front of the entrances.

2. Twitter

Twitter is a great option as well. Yet it is not quite real-time.

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3. Google Maps

Google also offers real-time traffic info.

Check the latest traffic data for Switzerland with Google Maps.

Zoom in on the map to find more detailed information.

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4. Waze Live Traffic Map

Waze is a mobile app which collects input from drivers on the traffic situation.
Please see Waze Live Traffic Mapon their traffic map for the Gotthard Tunnel Road.


6.Latest Gotthard Tunnel Traffic Status:

During the peak traffic times we will provide you with a comparison of the Gotthard traffic updates and delays along these two routes. If you want to get the most up to date information just use live TomTom below the table. You will find the comparison for the direction to South (“Italy”) and back to North (“Germany”).

If you want to check length of traffic in km and other news on the Gotthard Tunnel Traffic News

Direction South (to Italy):


Direction North (to Germany):