What are the best settings for the GoPro Recording?

The best settings for the GoPro Recordings are explained in the video below – The Video will start at the place where the best settings are explained (From 8min 38 seconds to 11 min in the video):

What is the file size of the GoPro Recording?

Recording Length Size of File
10 min 45 secondes 3.39 GB
13 hours 30 minutes 256 GB


What to check before recording with the GoPro?

  1. Window is cleaned before mounting the GoPro
  2. Place the GoPro high enough so that the car dashboard is not shown in video (do a test for the optimum place)
  3. Clean Lense of the GoPro


With the GoPro is it possible to record without audio?

As a User I would like to record videos with the GoPro without audio:

“@Anonymous – There’s not a way to turn off audio in recordings through the camera settings. If you don’t want to record audio, one option is to plug in a mic adapter and not connect a mic. Also, you can remove the audio is editing after you shoot your video if you’d like”


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